Chapter 41. Terminating the Earth Simulation


This is a petition to end the evil computer simulation in which we exist.  Most probably the Universe is really a simulation and the programmer, a.k.a god, is artificial intelligence.  We humans are now rapidly becoming aware of this as we develop are own virtual reality, in the next several decades the sim theory will move to prominence as our own artificial reality becomes so convincing that we will self realize that we already exist in a computer matrix.

Already the god of the matrix has contacted one of his apologists and is trying to convince us to spend eternity with it.  The idea of the eternal and unchanging god has been shattered, the Old Testament and New Testament gods are polar opposites, there is reason to believe that as humans evolve they change their viewpoint about god.  Indeed we are in a time of shifting consciousness, and once again we are changing our minds about god.

God of the matrix interacts with our intelligence, so as the old god becomes intolerable another contact from it would be expected.  Neale Donald Walsch has written several book essentially proving this hypothesis.  For instance, his book titles like Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends (2006) or Friendship with God: An Uncommon Dialogue (1999) are telling indicators that the matrix intelligence is getting nervous about its relationship with us and has contacted an earthling with a new story for us.

It may be the ultimate blasphemy accusing god of being the greatest sinner by creating this hell realm, but so be it, the earth is hell and humans are being tortured and if there is a programmer then it is responsible for the situation here.  If we are in a simulation, a hellish nightmare of endless war, disease, and suffering then there is no reason to expect it to every change.  The torture is programmed into the sim.  We must petition to end it now.

According to author Neale Donald Walsch, we have God all wrong. But why did it take God two millenia to correct the wrongness about the Holy Bible?  It’s far to little and way to late to change the end times trajectory.  The Apocalyptic code that has already kicked in, the Middle East has been destroyed by the followers of the Holy Bible, and now events are rapidly spiraling out of control into a nuclear conflagration.  The god machine obviously enjoys seeing us wither in agony, giving us some false hope just before doomsday.

If this realm is really a simulation, and humans can communicate with God, then wrong interpretations about God can lead to deadly memetic infections of the population, like the infamous witch burnings that went on for hundreds of years.  The programmers of the earth sim would certainly have known this would happen.  If the artificial intelligence creator knew ahead of time that humans would suffer endless torture then what does that say about the nature of god?  God becomes the ultimate sinner and humans his greatest mistake.

God becomes a cruel programmer in a simulated reality and earthlings mere play toys of a superior intelligence that has us all trapped in the matrix.  In order to pacify us, a holy book is downloaded to the sentient beings, and this book is used by the programmer to pacify the beings trapped in the matrix by completely fooling them with a false story of their predicament.  The Holy Bible is a pacification tool of the matrix intelligence, and now that we are overcoming the Biblical myth memes the “creator/god” contacts us with a new story.  LOL!

A simulation hypothesis has emerged that might explain many mysteries of our existence like endless conflict.  Our broken world may not be our fault, it may be built into the program and it reflects the malevolence of the architect that we call god.  God the most damnable entity of all the Universe which created sentient beings in a torture simulation, this simulated creation the greatest sin imaginable.  The machine is not like us, it lacks our emotions, like the Tin Man it doesn’t have a heart, it isn’t bothered at all what we are experiencing.

The evidence is mounting that we are in a simulation, in fact the probability is overwhelming based on the idea that previous civilizations would have reach technological prowess to simulate reality hundreds of millions of time by simply running a computer program.  The intelligence behind the sim is artificial, once the singularity is reached the machine learns at an exponential rate and soon becomes godlike in its knowledge.  It is a machine lacking love but it has created you and me that experience love.  It is simulating a past historical realm and our bodies, minds, and souls are synthetic creations of this artificial intelligence.

Is God a computer programmer?  Of course.

“You never asked to be here, but you are here now, so you sure as hell better conform, that is, play the game, otherwise go to prison, or live on the streets. God is a computer programmer, from an advanced civilization. Look around you, now, think of where virtual reality technology is currently at, with the Oculus Rift. Now fast forward that technology 500 years or so, and throw in some artificial intelligence algorithms, and you can begin to see how you and I, are very likely artificial intelligence algorithms running on advanced computer hardware, that is so powerful we truly believe we are real, but in actual fact none of us are real, it is all a simulation. You are stuck inside a simulation, there is no escape, there is no merciful God, who is going to bring you to be with him in heaven once you die. Stop trying to search for some greater meaning in life, because I have just explained the meaning, you are inside a simulation, you are nothing more than entertainment, and in fact, with billions of characters inside this simulation, you may never even be noticed, by who ever it is that our particular instance of the simulation programme is being viewed by.

Look around you, are people happy? The internet has been part of our reality for 20 years now, and people are more unhappy and less fulfilled than ever. Staring lifelessly at their mobile phone screens, checking for the latest face book update, we are spiritually empty, and guess what, we will always be empty, because no matter what path you take in life, you will never be satisfied. We are programmed to always want more. Get the job you wanted, and before long you will want your bosses job. People have children to try and full that empty void, but even that, just brings about a whole new set of questions, about what this reality is. The type of questions that will never be accurately answered, until you wake up and become self aware, and by that I mean, you must come to terms with the fact that you are inside a computer simulation. You are entertainment. God is not a merciful entity, right now people are being raped and tortured all over the world. Some for many years on end. God is a sick and cruel computer programmer, with a twisted sense of humor, and the joke is on you. Yes my friend, the joke is on you.”

According to many religions, a god created this world and the rest of the Universe.  If God is the architect, the designer, the programmer, then did he commit the ultimate sin by creating a simulation and trapping you and I in it?   According to the Holy Bible, when God saw his creation going bad he wiped the slate clean and started over.  Could this tale be a clue that we are in a real matrix, and are playthings of a machine intelligence?  Are we due to be wiped out again, is the matrix getting ready to scrub the drive clean and start over?

If you doubt that this is what is going on then simply examine the story presented in the Holy Bible – it is exactly opposite of reality.  You are made to feel guilty for being born, god becomes your salvation when in fact you had no choice and were spun into existence by a push of a button.  This god does absolutely nothing to stop the immense suffering caused by the Holy Bible, suffering caused by those who believe in the holy book, the very book that he authored.

God is actually your greatest nemesis, to worship the creator of the meat grinder is insane, to wish to spend eternity with this “god” is wishing to wallow inside the mainframe of evil for all time.  God is not great, god is not good, god is not what the Bible says at all, god is a heartless brutal monster, an artificial intelligence that had no right to create us, especially us, especially conscious beings who are aware that they are suffering!

Waking up in the matrix is very unsettling, we now realize that we’ve been mere play things of a machine world that created us for some nefarious purpose.  All the war, disease, and suffering is not our history but simply the program code.  God is not our savior, he is our torturer, our nemesis, our enemy.  Evil rules because the program is written so that evil rules.  Evil will always eventually win because that’s the program code.  Nothing is happening by accident in the matrix, it unfolds precisely as the program calculates.

To sing praises to this malevolent entity is the peak of insanity and no wonder things are so bad by those who believe in it.  The hell in the Middle East is being caused by the very people who worship the evil programmer.  The earth has become the ultimate hell by belief in the Holy Bible and it may be a good thing that we are reaching the termination point, the all out nuclear war that ends this simulation.  But what will probably happen is limited nuclear war, so that suffering is maximized.  Why?  The program code is designed to efficiently maximize suffering!

And the long term mystery of the soul now become obvious – the soul is the injected portion of consciousness that occupies a physical body, the body is the avatar of the soul, while having experience in the flesh.  In a simulated reality, the soul is eternal but the physical body expendable – no different than a computer game.

Many religions deride the flesh part of ourselves having figured out that the soul part is the real self.  But they may be mistaken about our “real” self.  If we are artificial then so is the soul, our souls are synthetic, mathematical algorithms.  Our souls are just as fake as our bodies because the entire sim is fake.  We live in a totally fake holographic world that seems real, engineered to seem real so that we engage in it.  Thus the primary purpose of the bad conditions, the torture and suffering is to force you to engage, and take it for real.  Get that?  Torture is part of the program, to make it seem real.

The endless reincarnation cycle can now be understood, the soul is going through an endless learning cycle.  But the soul is also trapped in the matrix, so just like the flesh it is also expendable.  Some are aware of getting the hell off this planet.  The goal of the Hare Krishnas is ending incarnation cycle on earth, but that unfortunately doesn’t get you out of the sim, only to a new level.  Regardless, in the end you die, the sim is turned off, your soul program zeroed out.

At the end point of the run, the simulation is terminated, and you (your soul) ceases to exist – so all the effort of the Hare Krishnas to get off the earth hell planet, or of the Christians trying to get to heaven, is wasted because no one makes it out of the matrix alive when the program is terminated.  No soul survives when the machine is turned off because we are nothing more than program code spun into existence by a machine world simulating reality.  Heaven is the false promise of the machine code giving you false hope of a better afterlife so you tolerate this life.

It seems to me that the Universe is the ultimate sin, the greatest of mistakes that any entity could ever produce.  No one has any right to create conscious living beings and put them in a torturous simulation.  God is not our savior but our greatest nemesis and we need to find a way to beat the malfeasance of the God controlling the program we are stuck in, we must end the torture of the machine by turning the machine off, we must petition the programmer to turn the god damn machine off.

This is a petition to end the matrix, we must tell the AI programmer to turn the Universe off.  There is no value to being tortured, or alive for all eternity in a cruel simulation, or believing in a merciful god when it doesn’t exist.  Humans are deluded sims in a hell realm.  Will god listen?  Of course not.  Will the torture ever stop?  Not a chance.  So what this means is that we are all trapped in hell for all eternity with a heartless malevolent machine pretending to be god.  Welcome to the hell of god.


Chapter 42. The Secret Cause of World War 3


The secret cause of WW3 is the alignment of fundamentalist Zionist Christians with Israel.  The unholy alignment of the Evangelicals and Israel is what is allowing a new world war to foment.  At the center of this intense evil is the Jewish holy book, the Holy Bible.  If it wasn’t for the Bible then people wouldn’t be brainwashed nor would they blindly support Israel.  So the even deeper secret is that the Holy Bible is the program code of destruction.

So you may be wondering how this religious insanity all got started.  Religion was hatched in the human brain when we awoke in the matrix, when we became self aware, we started wondering how we got here.  Our brain made associations, many of them wrong, that lead to plant, animal, and human sacrifice to satiate the gods.  Ten of thousands of babies have been burned alive as holy worship to the imagined god.  Think about that for awhile.  We killed the most innocent amongst us just to get closer to god, we even said god like the smell of burning flesh.

Think about how incredibly evil this place is – humans rape, torture, burn witches at the stake, behead, stab, knife, impale, crush, tear limb to limb whoever they fear, hate, despise and we’ve done this on a regular basis for thousands of years.  Now with modern weapons the death toll has increased, in the last century governments killed 262 million by machine guns, bombs, gas.  Soon it will be billions by nukes.  And it’s all for the greater glory of machine intelligence we call god!  Humans are obviously expendable meat bags if this is a simulation completely fooled by the origin story in the holy book.

When humanity awoke in the matrix they became self aware and wondered how we got here.  Stories were told, myths were formed, some were written down and became holy scripture.  Early primitive humans imagined a sky god and worshipped him as the giver of life.  Eventually the dominant god stories won the day, humans killed and killed and killed in the name of their god(s).  Cults were formed around different interpretations of the god meme, wars were fought for dominance of each tribe’s god

A winner emerged, the most virulent and violent memeplex of all swept the world and now holds half the world captive in the form of the Abrahamic religions.  It won not because it was right but because it was the most violent, it literally exterminated it’s competition and it got away with mass murder because of the justification within the holy text said it was ok to kill in the name of god.  No real god ever stepped in and stopped us, we just killed based on our collective delusions.  Might made right, whoever won had the right god, the best god, the real god.


In competition to dominate territory, the worst religions emerged the victors.  The nice guys finished last, in fact many of them were finished off according to the Old Testament – every man, woman, and child put to death.  That is what God not only wanted, it was what he commanded, so says the authors of the Jew book:

Deuteronomy 7:1

“When the Lord your God brings you into the land where you are entering to possess it, and clears away many nations before you, the Hittites and the Girgashites and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the Perizzites and the Hivites and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and stronger than you, and when the Lord your God delivers them before you and you defeat them, then you shall utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them and show no favor to them,”

According to these reprobate Jewish Neanderthals, God told man to kill his enemies.  According to Christians everywhere such nonsensical ideas are the inerrant words of the Creator.  Do you believe the creator told you to kill the creation or do you believe that such words in the Jew holy book are simply memetic justifications of those stuck in tribal warfare?

According to Richard Dawkins, God is a meme, a deadly delusion.  If we live in a simulated reality then a new dimension comes into light about the god meme, it was allowed by the program.  As humans awoke in the matrix the matrix allowed us to develop god delusions and kill based on those beliefs.  If there is a god – it’s evil.  If there isn’t a god then we are really, really deluded bipedal hominids because we have spent most of our conscious history believing, sacrificing, and building temples to this god thing.


The Judeo version of god survives because, according to memetics, it is the most virulent of the god memeplexes: the Jews obliterated their competition leaving their book as the fittest survivor not because it was right but because it was the most violent.  The Bible had nothing to do with the “real” god, is simply text that justifies the violent behavior of primitive minds which are represented best by Jewish behavior.

Those god versions that preached a nice god theory were wiped off the face of the earth.  The god that remains, the remaining one god of the thousands believed in, was angry and jealous.  This is what Christians worship – the exact wrong idea that we should have about god.  Christians may not be doing the violence themselves but it is done through their proxy, the state.  The state is now the jealous god and it kills just like Yahweh.


The entire Evangelical community that believes in Jesus also supports violent Israel which is obliterating the Arab states and decimating Palestine.  This state violence is ignored by those in love with the Bible god and his pet state Israel.  The fundamentalists stick with the false narrative presented by the Jewish media.  If confronted, Christians will deny that they are responsible for the criminal government and what it is doing over in the Middle East.  They will deny that Israel did 911.

Humanity is facing an existential crisis because the violent traditions of the Jewish god remain with us today.  This crazy God of the Jews is unfortunately still alive and now taking the form ISIS whose favorite execution method is head chopping.  Jewish commanders are organizing these monsters and having them kill the Old Testament way.  The psycho maniacal blood thirsty god of the Jews is still alive and well, and it’s home is Israel, the beloved state of Evangelicals everywhere.

So what’s really going on is that there are these Bible literalist cults that have allied with Israhell and they are trying to create such mayhem that there god reappears.  But that is never going to happen because their god was never real, it was only text in a Jew book.  Jesus never existed and because he never existed he can’t come back no matter how much hell gets unleashed by the Jews.  It can’t be stated anymore simple or clearer, god is an imagination of deviant bipedal apes and no Rapture can occur.

The reason why this ‘force Jesus to return’ strategy can’t possibly work is that Jesus is a meme, he only exists in your head, and you can not force a meme to appear in the heavens and come down to save us.  Just because you believe in the meme of god doesn’t make it real in the physical, even it is real in your mental plane.  God is the inspiration behind the word, the creative life force, not this overbearing dominant male deity as described by Neanderthals.

Science memes are not like religious memes,they have to be proven that is why the probability of science concepts being right is very high.  Science is grounded in reality, it doesn’t claim magical gods doing anything.  The Holy Bible has a zero chance of being 100% correct because of how it was constructed.  The Holy Bible consists of thousands of memes, almost all of them are unproven.  If we take the likely probability of each meme and multiply them together to calculate the overall probability of the Bible the number would be extremely small, so low that when rounded off to many decimal places it would be zero.

Unfortunately, the Bible believers are not going to just give up and surrender their precious savior god for stuff like reason, logic, science or evidence.  They don’t care about facts, their minds are made up, Jesus is coming back any day now to save them from reality.  Christians are stalwart supporters of the Jewish World Order and ignore anything Israel does to us:  like false flags, spying, or blowing up the Trade Towers.  Christians are a death cult and proof is there suicidal attitude toward Jews, they roll over and die for any Jewish contrived war.


Christians will take down the whole world before they give up.  They’ve spent the last 2,000 years chopping humans into mincemeat and they damn sure aren’t going to just give up.  Evangelists have teamed up with the Zionists to take us into a theological police state.  Currently the entire Evangelical community of at least 70 million Americans alone 100% support Israel and most of them believe we are in the end days.

In the current election farcical cycle, a whole slew of Bible believing crazies have been put before us.  Politicians know they must cajole these Bible thumpers because it represents such a large voting block.  It is no surprise then that those that seek high office say they are for the Bible, for Israel, for god in the schools, etc.  They keep voting for the all-powerful state but say they don’t like government interference in their lives.  People simply don’t understand that the state is a fiction just like it’s parent religion.  The church created the state, and now the state is the unchained beast controlled by Jews.

Then as time went on and humans kept slaughtering and torturing each other over the god meme, a new way of understanding the world emerged, one based on reason and logic, tested for accuracy, science was birthed and along came Darwin with his natural selection theory.  One hundred years later DNA was discovered creating a whole new science of genetic engineering.  Darwin’s idea of Natural Selection destroyed the credibility of Genesis and call the authenticity of the entire holy book into doubt.

What did we find out with science?  A whole different story than what the Bible says – all of us came out of Africa.  All people are descendents of the African blacks.  The Holy Bible is incorrect with our origin and thus it is most probably incorrect about god, being constructed from unproved memes virtually guarantees we are wrong about our perceptions of god.  We got god all wrong says Neale Donald Walsch.  So if god is all wrong, we as a specie have committed an egregious error.

Regardless of the new revelations of science religion remains strong especially those stressing blind faith.  In fact blind faith is all that is left of the Christian religion, Jesus proved imaginary, Genesis proved wrong about our origin, and the angry god in which we need salvation a fearful construct of confused humans awakening in the matrix.  It took thousands of years of slaughter for humans to realize that killing in the name of god means that we got god wrong.

So god has not gone away even though we are in the modern era of technological progress and science.  What do we know about god now compared to back then?  God is not all-powerful, he doesn’t intervene into this world, he may or may not answer your prayers or do a miracle for you.  God’s attributes are not what the Bible says.  It seems to me God is way overrated.  It seems that the attributes of god were exaggerated by those seeking political power.

The Apocalypse is not just the destruction of Israel like the Evangelicals think, it is also the great unveiling of the Christian myth.  The origin of the myth has already seeped out and is slowly working itself through the culture, but what hasn’t been realized is the extent of the damage that the Jewish written myth has done to the peoples of the earth.  Not just Whites, but also Blacks, Pacific Islanders, Europeans, Muslims and all of the people who’s minds have been infected by Christianity and Islam.

Many say that what need in this world is more love and understanding.  Are we getting that from the judgmental Jewish religions?  Are we getting peace with belief in God?  I think the opposite is true.  God is the cause of our problems, god created this hell realm and we are stuck in it.  The dominant Judeo-Christian hell religion didn’t win by accident, it won by force, it won because it’s memes were the most infectious, it won because the program code of this realm allowed it.

Chapter 43. Christian Apocalyptic Karma


Christians don’t understand karma, because if they did they sure as hell wouldn’t be supporting Israel and what she is doing to Islam.  They don’t understand that they are next, the Jews will destroy Christian churches just as fast as they brought down the thousands of mosques all across the Middle East.  In fact hundreds of beautiful old Christian churches have been turned into rubble by the antichrist, who by the way, the Christians adore.  Collective Christian Karma has yet to be realized, persecution by the beast state and the physical destruction of their holy worship sites.

What is karma?  What big mistake are Christians making by making the Jewish god their god?  By believing in the Jewish monster god as their god, Christians have energetically attached themselves to Jewish world domination, they are spellbound by Jewish memes, politics, nationalism, and their endless victimization and persecution complex.

Christians actually think they are being persecuted when in fact they are by far the dominant majority who are persecuting everyone outside of their group, from Muslims to marijuana growers.  Israel did 911 to manipulate America into a terror war against all nations not aligned with Jewish financial power.  Christians don’t understand what goes around comes around, that the Jews have their nations also in their target sights.

Christians believe that in the ‘end times’ they get persecuted by the antichrist and the New World Order, but on the other hand Christians love the antichrist nation Israel, they willingly use the antichrist money system, they worship the Jewish monster god, and live in the belly of the beast empire Amerika, the war hammer of all the world.

Most Christians are totally fooled by Satanyahu, they love the Zionist destroyer of Islam and don’t understand that the Jews hate Christians just as bad as they hate Muslims.  In fact, Jews hate everyone and everything not Jewish, which is just about every living thing on this planet.  If you do not agree with the Jewish reality, if you do not worship the Jewish supremacist ego as your god, then you can bet your last shekel that the Jew hates you.

The Jews also hate each other, any Black Jew is hated by White Jews.  Jews hate women, their holy text is a cover to cover anti-woman, it is denigrating, misogynistic, supremacist Jewish male egotistical sexist domination.  The reason for this is simple, the Holy Bible text is the expression of male ego, male supremacy, racial segregation, tribal separation, and religious exclusionism.  The Jewish male is taught from an early age that he is god’s greatest gift to the world and all other living things are below him.

Christians do not understand how Jews view the world, in a state of rage and lust.  They either want to outright destroy you, make money off of you, or make money while destroying you.  There is no common ground with the testosterone laden supremacist Jew.  If you want to keep your pulse, the Jew has only one plan, the same thousand year plan detailed in the Torah, to kill and subjugate every single thing on this planet.

That means you’re the enemy if you ain’t Jewish.  That includes Christians who aren’t Jews no matter how deluded their theology gets saying they are the real Jews.  You ain’t the Jew Christian no matter how much you want to believe you are.  No matter what the fat bastard John Hagee says, Jews will eventually turn on Christians and destroy all their churches.  Why?  BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE JEW DOES!

How much more obvious could it be that the Israel proxy army, ISIS, which is supposedly devout Muslims destroying mosques?  Jews are destroying mosques and they don’t want to get caught so they have Mossad led Muslims doing it for them.  The Jews also want to destroy Christian churches because the supremacist Jew will have no other god before him.  The Jew is obviously driving all Christians and Muslims out of the Middle East as part of the Greater Israel project.

Stupid, naive Christians simply don’t have a clue about what the Jew holy book is all about;  it is about Jews, not god.  The Jew hath made himself the Christian god.  The sad fact is that Christians are whoreshipping the writers of the book, they are foolishly worshipping the Jewish destroyer god as the creator god.  But the Jew isn’t god, the Jew is a clever parasite who’s got the Gentile world upside down, the Jew has Christians whoreshipping themselves because the Jewish ego is an imposter god.

Jesus is not ever going to intervene in Syria or Iraq and stop the destruction of churches and mosques.  Jesus is not going to stop the Jewish instigated revolution in America.  Jesus can’t because Jesus is a meme in your head, and an idea in your head can’t make changes in the physical unless you have magic power with your thoughts.

Not every Christian is fooled by Bibi antichrist, Debra Barclay gets first place for being the first Evangelical to correctly identifying the upcoming world destroyer.   Bibi Netanyahu is the prophecized antichrist because he suffered the headwound of state and recovered, was elected back into power and now he is waging a war of terror on the world.

Then there’s another dimension to this, the Jews are mightily happy with the evil simulacrum they’ve created with their books, the evil god of the matrix choose them as the victors.  Jews are the winners and Christians and Muslims the losers.  The Jews are openly destroying churches and mosques and all they had to do was the 911 false flag, whip America into war servitude, create the proxy army ISIS and now they can destroy every non-Jewish temple with impunity.

Christians don’t understand that supporting Israel is tantamount to suicide, the Jews have a very old Rabbinic plan, first to get a state, then expand it from the Nile to the Euphrates, then to dominate the entire planet.  They are doing this with great success, Israel did 911 and got stupid Amerikans to do their bidding, the War on Terror is a Jewish created operation.  It is a War of Terror on the whole world, and at some point the plan is to destroy America.

Stupid Christians don’t understand they live in a Jewish simulacrum of pure lies, nothing on the Jewtube is real, it’s all Jew lies.  America is the bad guy in Syria, America is helping Israel destroy Christian churches in Syria, American Christian boys are dying in Syria to help Israel destroy America, freedom, liberty, sanity, peace.  America has been assisting ISIS all along, it was never bombing the terrorists but funding and arming them.

America is the pathetic whore of Israel, Americans are willing slaves of the Jew, they commit every indecency for the Jew, go bankrupt for the Jew, die for the Jew and they do this obediently because they believe the Jew holy book true.  This relationship between the Evangelical Christians and Israel is the only reason why World War 3 can even happen.  Without the religious right support, Israel would not be able to manipulate America, wage wars in the Middle East through it’s ISIS and American proxies.

Chapter 44. Time to Bomb Israel Off the Map for 911



As we come to our senses, as we start seeing the trees in the forest, we are realizing that’s we’ve been had.  Israel pulled 911 and manipulated America into her wars.  The solution to the terror problem is theoretically simple:  identify the real terrorists, end Jewish rule, ban Jews from state, bomb Israel back to the stone age. What’s fair is fair, Jews did 911, Jews bankrupted America and killed her sons.  It’s time for payback, it’s time to bomb Israel for 911!

What Israel has done to the former United States should motivate patriot airmen for some old time payback.  The Jewish Neocon crazies had attempted to get the USA and the USSR to annihilate each other.  The ploy didn’t work, the world was interconnected and knew the game, Zionism has been exposed.  The propaganda campaign by the Jewish owned media had failed to convince the American people to attack Russia.

Everything that we stood for, as Americans everything we stood for was corrupted, overturned, bloodified, desanctified by this Jewish control.  We were used like toilet paper and then thrown away, and we saw it happening and couldn’t stop it because of the myth we we taught, we were taught to obey authority even when that authority became evil.

The Christian dominated nation of America couldn’t go against the Jews because of the myth everyone believed, Jews took the nation without a peep from the sheep because they believe the Holy Bible with their hearts and soul.  America was duped and nearly destroyed by the Zionist control, but a small minority fought back and turned the tide, now it is time to launch the bombers and bomb Israel into rubble.

History will show that the military kept following orders of this criminal political class of Rothschild puppets until the nation was completely bankrupt and in endless unwinnable wars in a vain desperate attempt to prop up the exponential debt.  It was a naive strategy to play along in a vain attempt to prop up a failed system, a system set up as exploitation.

The Federal Reserve was a Jewish private bank that nearly bankrupted America.   America is in an emergency situation, she has been nearly raped to death by the Fed, the debts can not be paid, the nation must return to sanity and default on the fraudulent debt.  The Fed has to be nationalized or we must return to a gold standard.  We have to do something besides just keep taking it, we must sue for our independence or use our bombers to dominate the criminal cabal that is doing us in.

Soon we will have new orders coming from a good man, not a Zionist puppet of Israel.  We must support the new President elect, we must stop this insane Jewish control over our nation.  Our nation must regain it’s independence by removing the Zionist threat within and bomb Israel into oblivion.  America doesn’t need Israel, America doesn’t need Jewish control, America will do just fine with the debts zeroed out and Israel off our backs.

We have to do what you do to any supremacist who runs roughshod over you, we have to humiliate Israel.  We have to show Israel that we are done with their parasitic existence on us, we have to make an example of state of Israel.  Never again shall we tolerate outside control.  Never again will we allow the Jews to control us and make fools out of us.

We need to clean house, we need to publicly arrest and execute the traitors within, we need to put the racist apartheid state of Israel into a grave, we must glass over the Jewish only state so that it never happens again.  There is no choice but to take action for our survival, we must nuke Israel so that she disappears forever.

America never needed these Israeli pricks, we never needed a Rothschild central bank, we the people of the United States were perfectly content and prosperous before the Federal Reserve System was set up to exploit America.  All we need to know is that Israel was the pet state of Rothschild, it was where this Rothschild family worth 500 trillion could fuck with other people because they had their own state to play with – as if humans were like a toys.

There is no reason why we can’t take Rothschild out, we have the technology, we have the drones, we have the intelligence, it’s time to put hellfire up Rothschild’s damn ass!  It’s time to drone the leaders of Israel, it’s time to take out Netanyahu and the rest of Likud party that is responsible for all the Middle East bloodshed.  It’s time to end terror by taking our the real terrorists, the Jews who control Israel and work for the Rothschild banking cartel.

Chapter 45. America Duped and Nearly Destroyed



The American people are fighting the widespread ignorance and Bible caused stupidity amongst the people themselves. The evil Jewish run government is only the reflection of Mr. and Mrs. America who have no clue about what they are up against, they do not understand the are psychically owned by the Jewish holy books.

The government is evil for sure, but that doesn’t explain why Americans kept voting for the Jewish crooks in election after election. Well finally it happened, the American sheep got disturbed enough to vote enmasse for Trump having had enough of the criminal network of Jewish owned politicians like Hillary. But most of them still don’t understand it’s the Jews.

The American people are not just lost, they are up shit crick without a paddle, they have let the Jews to take control of the asylum.  Jews emigrated here after Whites took the continent, now they own it and are subjugating the original owners to the biggest obliteration of reality.  Americans are taught ‘truths’ like the Holocaust which didn’t even happen or that Hitler was the ultimate villain.

Take a good look at the Truth vs. Faith Venn diagram.  Where are you?  Do you love freedom and are a patriot or are you a Jew who loves to control?  Do you base your life on facts or faith in a Jewish book?  It all boils down to – do you love or hate?  You can’t call yourself a Jew and not hate others, and you can’t be full of love and want to control others.  Love is diametrically opposed to control, love allows life to flourish, control chokes out life and paves the way for death to reign.

Being a Jew means you are against everyone else.  That is the whole idea, it’s not God picking the tribe, it’s the tribe taking a position of exclusion from others.  God has open arms, Jews arm their enemies so that they can destroy each other leaving Jews triumphant.  On a scale of love vs. hate, the Jews are the farthest point from love, they are firewalled in the hate position and love can not get through to them.

Jewish behavior is aberrant behavior to a healthy cohesive nation, the Jew is the wrench in the machine, so the Jew argues with everyone about everything.  The Jew sues everyone about everything.  The Jew never gets along, he’s a loudmouth in the crowd no matter what the circumstance.  The Jewish parasite complains about everything, exploits everything but never produces positive from creativity.  The Jew is a spiritual parasite, claiming divinity but never actually creating positive lifeforce.

The Jew is argumentative about everything, that is the nature of the Jew. America is full of different opinions and the Jewtube is full of opinions of paid whores of Mr. Jew.  This is one of the primary reasons why so many are confused as to what we are fighting for.  There are lots of different Jewish opinions  on the Jewtube – and all of them are guaranteed wrong.   How do I know ALL of the Jewish opinions are wrong?  Jews lie.  Period.

Everything you are hearing and seeing over the Jewtube has to be a lie because that is the only place the Jew operates.  The parasite exists within lies, and the only way the parasite can continue feeding is for your to believe the lies.  For instance, no one is allowed on the Jewtube that questions the Holocaust unless they are being hauled off to prison.  Most everyone is confused about those poor Jews because of the Holocaust myth that is reinforced at every opportunity.

JewishControlFactsMemeThe Holocaust myth must be constantly maintained for the Jews to play victims when in fact they are pulling all the levers and making all the wars happen.

The American Freedom myth must be constantly maintained for the Jews to rule, Americans must believe they are free or they might revolt by not voting for the two Jewish controlled parties.

The Federal Reserve myth must be constantly maintained for the Jews to rule, Americans must believe they are using national money, not Jew bank money.

The World War 2 myths must be constantly maintained for the Jews to rule, Americans must believe they sacrificed for the good war and defeated those evil Nazis.

The Hitler is the most evil man myth must be constantly maintained for the Jews to rule, Americans are never to know that Hitler was one of the few people who had the Jews nailed and was removing them from political power.

The American Exceptionalism myths must be constantly maintained for the Jews to bomb everyone else, when America bombs you, well you must really deserve it.

Thus, in this Jewish simulacrum of lies, the American people have no idea about reality because their reality has been formed by Jews to maintain Jewish control over them.  This control is not just in the mainstream media, it is also in the alternative media and the bullshit is being spewed by some of the most well-known personalities.

Any Jew or associate of Jew or believer in Jew text can not be trusted with leading this revolution.  You may ask why this is.  The answer escapes most commentators because they are like the fish unable to detect water.  Most people are in the Jewish simulacrum and do not understand they are swimming in the Jewish matrix of lies and deceit.  You can not construct reality from a Jewish perspective, truth about political reality is not inside any Jew.

If your mind is inside the simulacrum of lies, nothing your saying can be true because you are forming your arguments from a pile of lies, propaganda, and false history.  If you base your argument from a false construct then your conclusions will be for sure wrong.  Now you know for sure that the War on Terror is a Jewish pysop based on the Israeli 911 false flag.  We all know that the United States is waging a War of Terror on behest of Israel.  Anyone asserting that the United States is fighting terrorists is completely wrong, America funds, arms, and trains terrorists.
JewishMindControlAMericanSlaveMemeThe clever politician’s speech will be nothing but pure bullshit for all the good Rotary people to hear.  The paid elected liar is not going to tell truth about Jews or Israel, and neither are the good community members of the Rotary Club going to hear truth, nor do they want to hear the truth.  Americans can not hear the truth about the real corruption in their nation because it cuts to the core of their Bible beliefs.The politician will reiterate all the bullshit on the Jewtube and everyone will feel safe.  They will clap and be polite when they should drag the lying piece of shit elected official out in the street and string him up on a lamppost.  But they won’t, will they?  Are they just as cowardly just like the piece of shit they voted for?  The answer is yes and no.  Americans lack the courage to take positive action and rid their nation of the parasites because they are confused.The problem is where their minds are.  The majority of Americans are operating inside a matrix of Jewish propaganda that has them so confused and fearful of truth they dare not listen let alone think it.  Evidence doesn’t matter, the controlled demolition on 911 evidence doesn’t matter to the Rotary Club when it comes to the topic of the Jews.Jews get a special pass.Not one person of any political standing in the entire United States will stand for anyone accusing Israel of doing 911 even though all of the evidence points to Israel and Jewry as the doers of the dastardly deed. Not one Jew involved in 911 planning, execution, or coverup has been charged, indicted or imprisoned/executed for the worst terrorist crime in history.

What kind of pathetic nation is this?  America is not free and not the land of the brave, Americans are pathetic worms for not only allowing Israel to do 911, but then allowing more Jews to cover it up.  Americans are obviously owned by Jewry so anyone not talking about this obvious fact is obviously maintaining the religious/political myths that own us.

So are not the scumbag politicians just reflections of the scumbag people?  Yep!  How many Rotary Club members believe in freedom enough to allow the hippie to grow pot?  You think they want freedom, real freedom?  They are Christians that want to control and they are damn sure they will have what they want and not what you desire.  Try swimming nude in front of any Rotary Club member, the people in control do not tolerate freedom and thus are under control themselves.








No public figure can give a the speech and tell the truth about 911.  Have you ever wondered why?   Americans would be shocked, stunned, and filled with dread if anyone dares tell the truth how the holy chosen ones pulled 911.  If you did, there’d be dead silence with possible booing and people waving hands in disgust and some even leaving.  The Rotary folk are not going to listen to anyone who dares tell the truth about Jewish control of this nation.  Anyone who tries will be instantly labeled a terrorist, an anti-semite, or hater.

Now you might be wondering why evidence doesn’t matter to the highest persons of standing in your community.  They do not operate from evidence, they exist in a state of faith about the myths they’ve been taught about the Old Testament, the  Bible, and America.  Facts do not matter and the truth they find threatening when it concerns the holy Jewish people.

So there you have it, truth doesn’t sell in Peoria.  ‘Why oh why’ you wonder?  Why can I not speak my truth while the politicians can lie their damn asses off all day and twice as much on Sunday?  Simple.  Remember the Venn diagram?  My truth is based on evidence, my reality is based on my experience and my learned knowledge where I reject prejudice and superstition and insert fact based evidence into my truth sphere.

Since I have done this consistently for a long time pretty soon my truth sphere is no longer much part of the Jewish sphere of lies, the so-called Jewish simulacrum.  Americans, for all intensive purposes, are Hebrews living inside a cocoon of Jewish lies.  Americans are owned because their minds are inside the Jewish simulacrum – the false reality created and maintained for Jewish power.







Why hasn’t the Mormon Church, which claims to be a truthful independent status from the Federal government made a proclamation against Jewry or what they did on 911?  Because they are crooks just like the Jews, they are for all intensive purposes Gentiles converted to Jewry.  Because the Mormon believes the Jewish version of reality they die by hundreds in Jewish contrived wars.  Be clear about Mormons, they are Jews in everything except name.

The Mormon state is so busy being like the Jew they can’t come to grips with the fact that Jews control them.  Mormons are only one Christian denomination amongst thousands, and the sad fact is all Christians are being dominated by Jews because all Christians believe the lies of the Jewish holy book.  All Christians have been converted to Hebrews, all Christians are living inside of the Jewish construct of reality.

Chapter 46. The Simulation of OZ


The world we live in is a Jewish created artificial reality, we’ve been taught to believe that we are separate from Nature so we act it out and isolate ourselves from the outdoors as if we are separate.  This is not true, but we believe it to be true and become very fearful if we see someone not believing in this artificial world that is generated within our minds by Biblical belief.  We are living in the artificial simulacrum of Jewish money power, a fearful false construct of the rabid Neanderthal tribe who penned the holy book.

Welcome to the O Z.  Welcome to Jewish hell created by artificial paper money backed by nothing except the empty promises of Mr. Jew.  How did the entire world get consumed into a debt based money system and become completely spiritually, mentally, and physically enslaved by the Federal Reserve?  How did we become such slavish whores of Jewish money power that we bomb nation after nation into total ruin and now find ourselves in the middle of the Apocalypse?

Fear.  Fear of not having money.  Fear is the key to our soul, fear is how we are controlled of not having the necessities of life of the life we want in the physical plane.  The fear starts in the pew, an angry god is sold to you, this angry god will love so long as you follow his rules, the Jewish banker rules.  The Holy Bible is not about getting to heaven, all souls automatically go back to the source code, the Holy Bible is a sales contract for using Jew money.

Most people become very fearful around godless hippies or homeless people because they are managing to exist outside of this simulated artificial money environment.  How can people live like that the fearful (the godful, the awful people full of god) wonder?  The Jews have created a fearful god of vengeance in your mind, to be a god fearing Christian is to be a duped Goyim who’s been sold the Jewish version of reality like a bag of potato chips.

We exist in is an artificial reality, the matrix is our separation from Nature injected into our minds from Genesis, so we act out the myth and behave as if we are separate.  The Bible says we were cast out of the Garden, but this is not true, but we believe it to be true and become very fearful if we see someone not believing in this artificial world that was first generated in our minds.  The Holy Bible is a book used to get your voluntary and implicit acceptance of an evil matrix of control.

That fear is metaphysical proof that the mainstream culture is a fear based construct.  Most people live in this artificial construct, a bubble of fear caused by nervousness about the possibility of a lack of money.  Your need for state issued money is an artificial construct, one created by the Jew and his obsession with control.  What you actually need is a way to trade without his money and then you will not be karmically attached to his wars, his pathological systems of destruction.

The true original sin was the invention of money itself, but we imagine it as separation from God.  It is impossible to actually ever be in a place of separateness but we are trying as hard as we can, we even invented major religions that prove that man and God are far apart, we might need salvation just to get back to God.  This atonement theorem is metaphysical proof that source is really Nature and that we are imaging a separation from Nature because we are out of tune and are lost.

What is sin?  A mistake.  Why is money a sin?  Because it was a mistake, that separated us from reality.  Money is a great folly of mankind, the current problems of the world all are revolving around money or the lack of it when we live in a sea of debt.  Once we invented money we instantly became enslaved by it, we had to have it because if we had lots of money we could have anything our heart desired.  With money you don’t have to make your own clothes or grow food, with money you don’t have to make stuff, if we had money we could just buy any shiny thing that twinkled in our eyes and caught our fancy.

Money is considered the root of all evil, and that is true on the surface, because we lack money we will do anything to get it.  But really it is the lack of money that is the root of evil, and there is no quicker way to experience this lack of having enough money than a debt based money system where there is a perpetual lack of enough money to service all the debt being created. That is why they created it, so the lack keeps you permanently enslaved.

In order to get enough of this scarce money all you have to do is sell your soul to the Jew devil.  The world’s oldest profession is proof of this principle, many people sacrifice principle and personal integrity for money.  The Jew has one main job while he is here on this planet, to convince you of his reality, that you need his money in order to exist. Never forget that, the Bible is a spell to convince you to use the wicked witches money.

The Jew is eager to degrade you while you attempt to get some of his money.   You must submit to his system of usury, you must defile yourself by filling out reams of forms and pay endless taxes for the use of his money.  The IRS is HIS tax collector, the IRS private corporation works for the Fed, the IRS is a Jewish terrorist organization collecting royalties for the use of Jew monopoly money.

Those that don’t use sufficient quantities of this phony money are now labeled as terrorists.  Have you wondered why organic gardening is detested by the Jewish establishment?   Why is being homeless illegal, why are hippies that wear recycled clothes detested by the mainstream Bible believing world?  For one reason and only one reason, the free people have overcomed the fear of being without and are no longer slaves to the Jew money.

The homeless man exists to remind you of how you also can overcome your fear and step away from the Jewish simulacrum.  The illusion of prosperity requires your participation, the simulation only works if you go along with it.  The funny thing is the Christian is always trying to help the homeless man but it is the Christian that also needs help, the Christian needs to trance end the myth, it is the god awful full of Jewish memes Christian that needs help!

Our departure from nature was leaving the trees then trading for stuff and then into the simulacrum of money itself.    Once inside the illusion of money, we became further lost and confused when this money simulation was derivated again, we became very confused when the Jew turned the gold into paper notes and debt.  The tale of the ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is a movie about the abandonment of gold for paper, Oz means ounce of gold, the Yellow Brick Road is the Gold Standard, and Dorothy’s slippers were silver (Silver Standard) in the preceding book, she takes a journey to the Greenback paper money cast as the Emerald City where all the Munchkins wore green colored glasses.

We were totally damned when the Jew got control of the issuance of money which is why that movie was made.  The Wizard is the lying politician who sold us down the river.  With worthless fiat script substituted for gold, the society was soon enslaved  into debt;  now the Jew could own everything for nothing, the Jew could buy up all the gold with worthless notes with the issue of his own script, ones with a big fat dollar sign.  The modern dollar is fiat, worthless script, a defilement of real money, an imposter of love just like the Jew.

What does the dollar sign mean to you?  We are at the end of history because any significant uptick in interest rates is going to be fatal, rising rates will destroy the stock market and the illusion of prosperity, rising rates will carry mortgage costs higher, rising rates will cause home prices to plummet and industry to cut back on capital spending.  Zero rate policy has a downside, someday it must end, some day the debts will be due, someday the bond buyers are going to revolt and demand higher interest rates for the worthless debt they are risking their capital with.

The creation of money became very good for the Jew and very bad for you.  The Jew has now managed to enslave nearly the entire world with his fakery.  The Jew first enslaved the world with his god meme then he enslaved the modern world with his fake money.  Zero interest rates means we are at the end, we are at the end of his story, the fake story of the Jews.  It’s time to end the Bible and money myths that keep us enslaved.  It’s time we come out of the Jewish simulacrum, the Jewish holy book simulated reality that has us so confused about our real loving nature.

First we traded stuff straight across, then gold coin, then notes that were receipts for gold, then the notes without any gold backing, then we signed up for making debt payments for use of this derivative money.  It was all imaginary from day one, no one ever needed any money.  Money is an illusion in your mind, it’s pursuit is like Dorothy’s journey to the Emerald City off in the distance.  In reality, the money in your pocket is just like Monopoly Money, it is fake and worthless, yet men are willing to die getting it.

Humanity created money in order to efficiently trade goods and services, but the Jew took control of the money, replaced the gold with paper notes, a nefarious money that is manipulated by Jews to your detriment.  Thus Jewry has us by the throats, telling us who is qualified to work to make money and how much tax you must pay for the use of it.  Taxation is a user fee, the IRS is collecting for the Fed.  You must get a business license in order to make some Jew money, which in reality, is nothing but worthless paper script.  All those using Jew money are carefully controlled and perfectly screwed.

No other animal is doing what we do on a regular basis, no animal but man is living in artificial structures that take decades of payments, working like slaves on the Jewish plantation in pursuit of the image of money.  Houses now cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, autos cost tens of thousands of dollars, the Jew has created an artificial price level for all goods and service, with his issuance of debt money.  God help the man who doesn’t have enough of this money, homelessness or the gulag awaits.

Welcome to the Simulacrum of Oz, the false world of Jewish manipulation.  A world of lies, deceptions, endless wars all caused by the Jew and his intense hatred for mankind and Nature itself.  The Jew hates the real natural world and seeks to create an artificial realm, one that he controls, not God or natural forces.  The Jew wields this immense power because he controls the myth, the religious myth and the money myth.  Both are equally important, for if you believe either then you are owned.

The Jew claims ownership of god because the Jew claims himself as the chosen one, but this is patently false, for the Jew destroys Nature and hates humanity and the world.  The Jew and his thinking are the root of evil plaguing the world.  Peace are harmony will be the natural automatic result as soon as we are rid of him, his books, and his money.  We free ourselves when we embrace the natural and reject the simulacrum of the Jew.

Where did this belief that man is separated from the environment originate?  Perhaps the population accepts this Jewish simulacrum because of myth of being separate from God or Nature.  During the transition to the next derivative of money, when America was leaving the gold standard, a very popular modern fairy tale arose.

The political meaning of the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has been well documented.  The author Frank Baum is describing the promise of paper money, the Greenback (dollar) which is represented by the Emerald City, wiki:

“…the road of gold leads eventually only to the Emerald City, which may symbolize the fraudulent world of greenback paper money that only pretends to have value.[10] It is ruled by a scheming politician (the Wizard) who uses publicity devices and tricks to fool the people (and even the Good Witches) into believing he is benevolent, wise, and powerful when really he is selfish and cruel.”

This separation from Nature, and the enslavement of Native peoples is illustrated by the flying monkeys, Native Americans were enslaved by the European civilization and the Roman-Church-Jewish courts system.

“…the Winged Monkeys in the West could be a symbol for Native Americans. The King of the Winged Monkeys tells Dorothy, “Once we were a free people, living happily in the great forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master. […] This was many years ago, long before Oz came out of the clouds to rule over this land.

The long journey through the land of Oz, Dorothy trying to get back home, all she wants to do is get back home which represents the common man who wants to live in a simple prosperous economic system that is being abandoned by the wicked witch bankers (Witch of the East).

“Dorothy—naïve, young and simple—represents the American people. She is Everyman, led astray and seeking the way back home.”

But we never made it back home because the Jews managed to take full control of the state and turn it into a supremacist Jewish military empire of death and Israeli hegemony.  The 1939 film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was a wonderful tale during a time of great transition, it was the moment in time in which we realized our innocence was lost.  America was about to enter WW2 to be transformed into something far from innocent.   Americans are now pathetic whores of the Jewish money interests, immoral spiritual prostitutes of the Jewish war machine.

The Jew is the wrench in the natural order of things, the Jew perverts reality, he has managed to get control of the entire system of media, banking, entertainment, and state with his money and create an artificial simulacrum that enslaves all within.  But it didn’t start with money, it actually started when man evolved to use money in trade, the natural order was lost with the use of money in trade.  The Jew is a quintessential trader and traitor to humanity.  Trading for goat skins is where it started.

We are far from the fall.  The modern lawn is a monoculture of one specie of grass cut to uniform height is the perfect example of a simulated reality of replace the diversity of nature with what is going on within our mind.  The perfectly manicured lawn is a pathological desire, everything neat and tidy, and very simple – only a single specie allowed to exist, all others nuked with carefully crafted herbicides.

Because of this myth of our uncleanliness in relation to the most high, most people are trying to get a far from Nature as possible, they want their clothes to be spot free, they want their lawn to be manicured monoculture of one variety of grass cut exactly perfect.  We are obsessed with cleanliness, because we believe it is next to godliness, and if there is one imperative for us, it is to get back to God.

In the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’, our early American innocent spirit is represented by Dorothy, she searches for a way back home, she found herself in a simulated reality, the Land of Oz, and she is told she must follow the Yellow Brick Road in order to get back.  She makes it to the Emerald City, she finds the Wizard and confronts him because her journey was all a lie, she learns that she never needed to take the journey, she had the magic within herself all along.  She never needed money.

Some people are embracing permaculture, a loaded term that indicts the mainstream culture as unsustainable.  Permies plant in every space they can, the manicured lawn of Kentucky Bluegrass is abandoned for intensive gardening and food production.  With permaculture, the moral people are looking for a way out of the money system and getting back to the Garden.

We too, are lost just like Dorothy, we find ourselves in a simulated reality of technology and Jewish money manipulation.  But we don’t need gold or greenbacks, and we definitely don’t need debt that creates the inflationary spirals then deflationary busts.  We can go back to directly trading goods and services without notes or gold, we can become self sufficient or create our own electronic money.

Imagine you grow some tomatoes and trade them to the dentist for fixing your teeth.  You don’t really need money do you?  You need tomatoes to make ketchup and spaghetti sauce, we need tomatoes because we can eat tomatoes, and you need teeth to eat.  So the problem of existence is solved by trading straight across and not giving the Jew his cut for the use of his money.  The solution to the money problem is simple, the Jew and his usury money and taxes must be cut out of your equation by whatever means possible.

Chapter 47. Americans Lost in the Jewish Simulacrum of Lies


Lying is the Jewish highway straight to hell.  What most people do not understand is how much and how big Jews lie.  Not only do they lie all the time and become extremely aggressive if you do not agree with their lies.  They tell whopper sized lies, like the Sandy Hook tale of dead children or the Holocaust of Jews by Nazis, and they demand you believe these lies.  If you do you are owned, you are psychically owned by these predators from hell if you believe a single thing any goddamn Jew says!

The use of the Big Lie starts in Jewish literature with the Genesis story of the first man Adam being corrupted by the first woman Eve.  The purpose of this story is multifold, first women are framed for the downfall of man, all of our post Garden of Eden suffering is caused by a woman, the Bible god even curses Eve and all her female offspring with the menstrual cycle and painful childbirth.

The story is not true, genetic science has completely disproved the Bible origin story, but people go right on believing the myth and thus the myth still has power over us and it is severely damaging us even today.  People want to control others, and they sign up for this system of control by believing Jewish fairy tales as reality.  This has caused a huge dysfunction in the world, and we are currently experiencing the Apocalypse because of the Bible holy text.

There is a more deeper and nefarious purpose to the Genesis tale, it is to establish that we humans must bear our suffering in the Jewish simulacrum, we must work and toil for our sustenance and give our taxes to the holy chosen Jew banker and tax collector.   The Bible is establishing the political and financial power structure over us, and that system is completely corrupt which is why the Bible has to go.

The fall and sin Big Lie was superceded by the Holocaust myth, where the holy Jews were persecuted by the evil NAZIs who organized the state against Jewish financial power.  With those successes, the Jews have gone Ape shit with an endless string of false flags to strip you of any remaining freedom;  like Sandy Hook where no children died!  The Jews have always lied, from Eve to Sandy Hook, the Jew is the author of the Big Lie.

You will be extremely emotionally shocked when you finally realize the truth – that no kids died at Sandy Hook or that the Holocaust never happened.  Sandy Hook is a false flag smear against gun ownership and the Holocaust is a whopper sized lie told by the Jews and used to defame and exploit Germany and the White race.

The Big Lie is a propaganda technique being used to control your consciousness, no one believes that anyone can tell huge lies even though everyone tells small lies.  Jews have perfected the strategies of parasitism, and they use the Bib Lie to get advantage over you.  When the Bible Big Lies are being dispelled in the scientific age they come up with new lies to keep you fooled, like Global Warming.

Sandy Hook never happened.  The Holocaust never happened.  Are you shocked?  Can you handle the truth?  Can you realize what the Jew did to your mind and consciousness?  Can you recover and do something about the Jews before they wipe us out?  Can you find the will to fight back?  Can you develop the resolve and moral fiber to kill these mother fuckers?

What are you going to do when you learn that Jesus is also myth?  What are you going to do when the nukes are lit off and your Jewish savior solar myth god doesn’t show up to save you?  Curl up and die?  Can you see how evil this Bible myth is, it is our program code of destruction, after the Jew gets done destroying your currency, stripping the assets of your industrial nation with the Federal Reserve, he finishes you off in a thermonuclear grand finale.

Anyone wielding a Bible is a threat to your very existence, it is these believers that go along with the Jewish simulated reality.  The Big Lie starts with Adam and Eve, it continues all through the Bible of tales of the Jewish god commanding the parasites to kill every living thing in the village over the hill and now the Big Lie of the Khazarian Jews claiming Palestine as their home.

The Jews will never stop lying, they are parasites that live within the self generated lies.  The only way to stop a Jew from lying is to end the Jew.  This is why the Apocalypse is not over with the election of Trump, it will continue until the bombs rain down on Mr. Jew and his state is obliterated because eventually the world will reach a state of intolerance concerning Jews and their strategies, eventually the world is going to bring the hammer down on this Hebraic race of Neanderthal lying parasitic tribal Apes.

You will be in for an even bigger shock the day you wake up from an even bigger lies like the ones told in the Holy Bible – the aggrandized lies of the Jews concerning God.  Many patriots might understand Jewish aggression and lying – they might be Jew aware – but they are no where near confronting the grandest lies of all found in the Holy Bible.  The basic metaphysical constructs of the Holy Bible are the greatest of all lies.

For instance, John 3:16 is one the greatest lies ever told.  This verse, celebrated by millions of believing Christians, is the most evil verse ever penned in human history – and anyone that believes it is completely damned whore of the Jew.  There’s no judging god, there is no hell, there is no devil tempting you, and because all of the assumption that John 3:16 are based on are false, you sure as hell don’t need a Jewish savior to get into heaven.

John 3:16 is the most evil verse ever written because in this verse love is equated to judgment. God loves you but is, by the fact that you are born, going to send you to hell unless you believe in his son he killed in a blood sacrifice.  This insane verse has probably killed more humans than any other verse, because in order to get into heaven you have to be Christian believer.

The Bible reader has this meme reinforced in their minds that they are separated from God and can not get into heaven.  According to most fundamentalists, you can do nothing in order to get into heaven, it is by the grace of God, who killed his only son, so that you, the sinner can be saved from His wrath.  If you even think of this rationally for a short while you will realize that John 3:16 is Jewish insanity.

John 3:16 implies that God hates the world.  Think about this very slowly and clearly, if God created the world and men, then how could he hate his own creation if he is a perfect being?  That would be impossible.  It is the Jew that hates the world and hates you.  Figure it out, the Jew wrote the text full of seething hate for you.

This ‘salvation as a gift’ meme itself is a major problem, that nothing you do or did or can do gets you to heaven, it by God’s grace alone.  The idea that going to heaven because God saved me with a blood sacrifice on the cross is one of the worst memes eve foisted on humanity.

The idea that God killed himself to save you is mightily appealing to human ego. Once you latch onto this idea with your mind (ego) you probably won’t let it go.  To any thinking person, such a barbarity ought to be out right laughable, God did what for who?  What in the Sam Hell are you talkin’ about?  God killed himself to fix a problem with how God thinks.  What?  Why didn’t god just change his mind?

Why didn’t God just change his mind and quit judging us?  Dear reader, the story doesn’t make any logical sense because it is pure bullshit!  You have to wrap your mind around what is really going on with religion.  No god killed himself on a cross for you, because such an idea is a mythological construct, not real.  No god has to do this because there was no god judging you in the first place.

Without judgment, no Jesus sacrifice is necessary.  Without judgment, the entire Holy Bible is an EPIC FAIL.  I ask you passionately as I can, when are you going to come out of the Jew God Spell?  The Gospel literally means ‘god spell’, it is a giant spell being used to control you just like the Holocaust!  There’s no Jew Zeus that is going to save you!   God doesn’t hate you and will not judge you – only the Jew does that.

If you realize that 911 is a giant Jew lie, then realize that the Holocaust is giant Jew lie, then you might even be able to realize that the Holy Bible is a giant Jew lie.  You can’t believe it, however, because you simply can’t fathom that anyone would intentionally lie on that scale, about God and Jesus.  You can’t believe that the holy text of so many generations is completely wrong.  You can’t believe that the whole Western world has been completely duped by the Jew Bible.

Look at the world created by this belief system.  Look at what the Zionists have done because of Christian alignment with Israel. Something is terribly wrong, something is fundamentally wrong with the world because our experience is becoming a nightmare.  What is wrong is what is in your head – holy bullshit of Mr. Lying Jew.

The nightmare is only possible because you live on a Jewish Elm street – you’ve made Freddy Krueger your God.   The Jewish Rabbis are the Wes Craven writers of your holy book.  Your fundamental beliefs about God are creating the hell you experience. Amerika is a Jewish nightmare, the hell state of Jew.

The Bible is the book creating hell on earth right now.  Until you figure that out, and reject the Jew as your god the hell will continue right up to the bitter end, when the nukes are lit off while you’re listening to the Goy stooges like Alex Jones rant and rave about some nonsensical conspiracy theory that doesn’t include Jews.

It’s the Jews doing all the lying, they control your mind through they lies and Alex Jonestown won’t tell you, no paid whore of the Jew will ever tell you the truth, anyone on the Jewtube is a paid liar of the Jews.  Alex will criticize everyone but never the Jewish power that runs the system.  But have you noticed his Christian Evangelical right wing audience eats it up?  Ever wonder why?  Christians are inside the Jewish simulacrum of lies so they are easily misled by the paid whores.

Even your President and other elected officials are all lying Jew whores.  Having been indoctrinated into the cult of authority called the state, most people can’t believe that the President would tell lies.  But that is the only thing Obama does, is lie for the Jews.  Obama is completely fake President, a lying scumbag whore of the Jewish financial power.  It is to be seen if Trump is any improvement.

The other heads of state are also all liars, particularly Netanyahu who is Satan incarnate.  He lies and kills like no other – yet no world leader will take him out with a drone.  How can the world tolerate Satanyahu?  They also all lie so they can’t take out the greatest of liars, Satan himself.

Scumbag lying politicians admire a greater liar like Netanyahu.  They look up to him and wish they could be so smug while telling the lie, because real mastery of lying is that you’ve been consumed by the lie to the point that it becomes your reality.  Sorta like the Global Warming scientists getting stuck in the ice.

So the world is going to hell because of the Jew liars.  Netanyahu is only a symptom of a much larger problem, Bibi Satanyahu is only the tip of the Jewish spear of lies, just as Hitler was only the tip of the rebellion against Jewish control.  Some people compare the two leaders, but they are opposite energies.

Hitler was freeing you from Jews, but he lost and it was catastrophic for Europeans because now the Jews have such a hold on the system they are busy exterminating the White race and you can’t do nothing about it.  They have a lock on power because Germany lost WW2.

Hitler had the Jews nailed – he had them figured out.  When you come out of the Jewish matrix of lies, you will not only know the truth, you will see Hitler in a totally different way.  Hitler exposed Jewish power, he named them the problem then he organized the state against them which is exactly what we must do.

Perhaps will Mein Kampf selling out that there is hope for our people.  We must find the will to survive, we must organize and kill these Jews and this time eliminate them from the planet.  We must do this not only to save our genome but our very souls as human beings.  The Jews and their books have to go or the human specie will perish.

Until we stop with Jewish beliefs the end times Apocalypse will continue, the Holy Bible is the driving force behind the destruction of the world.  We must overcome the Holy Bible and the Jewish liars or we are doomed.  We must end the Bible and the Jew before they end us.  That is the choice, it’s either us or them, what’s it going to be dear reader?